Price Guide

This is a brief guide to some of my pricing. Each item is made to order so these prices should be used as a guide only as certain aspects such as detail, fabrics and historically accurate construction methods can make a big difference to the prices.

The best way to get an accurate price is to contact me with details of your desired garment. The more detail you can provide about the fabrics and design wanted the more accurate the quote will be. Time Tailor is happy to accommodate those who want hand sewn seams for the highest standard of historical accuracy though, of course, this will increase construction time and costs from those listed below.

Women’s Under Garments

Basic shift , price depends on length and neckline £70 – £150
Standard ankle length petticoat £70 – £80
Standard ankle length petticoat with deep frill hem £90 – £120
Bum roll with waist ties £25 – £35
Structured undergarment frame with steel strips (e.g farthingale or crinoline) £140 – £200
Structured undergarment frame with steel strips and additional hem frill £180 – £240
Fashion Corset (less hand sewing and less detail and usually less fittings) £120 – £160
Historically accurate Corset (some machining and some hand sewing) £140 – £280

Women’s Gowns, Kirtles and Extras

Partlet £25 – £45
Sleeveless bodice with moderate boning £150 – £250
Structured bodice with sleeves and stomacher with boning £200 – £300
Top skirt with gathered or pleated waistline unlined £200 – £280
Top skirt with gathered or pleated waistline, fully lined £280 – £360
Simple full length gown with sleeves £180 – £250
Full length gown with waist seam, sleeves and decoration £200 – £280

Men’s Garments

Shirt with various necklines (plain, gathered, neckband and cuffs or neck and cuff frills) £70 – £150
Doublet with sleeves and fully lined £170 – £300
Jerkin with short sleeves and fully lined £170 – £300
Workers full length hose half lined £80 – £140
Workers knee length hose £70 – £110
Fancy puffy hose £140 – £200
Fancy paned hose £180 – £240
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